Choosing the Right Bathroom Tile Type

Picking tiles is one of the most important decisions when remodeling your bathroom. There are many different types of tiles for bathroom walls and floors to choose from.

However, knowing what makes each option unique can help you make the right choice for your home.

The Most Popular Bathroom Wall Tiles

Marble Tile

Sophisticated and traditional, marble tiles for bathroom walls come in many sizes, colors, and finishes, adding appealing color to a bathroom wall.

However, marble is a porous material that absorbs moisture, so it’s best in bathrooms with minimal moisture exposure. It is also a heavy material that requires additional support during installation.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles are one of the most popular choices for bathrooms because they’re easy to clean and install, as well as durable and affordable. Ceramic tile is widely chosen as a bathroom floor and wall tile, which means they’re an excellent choice if you want to update your entire bathroom at once.

Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles are popular bathroom wall tiles because of their high level of customization and variety. They can consist of nearly any material, like glass or ceramic, and have different colors, patterns, and textures. They’re also easy to install and clean.

The main downside of mosaic tiles is that they can be expensive, but it’s easy to find affordable options online or at local hardware stores.

Glass Tiles

These types of tiles are an excellent option for bathrooms as they have a reflective surface that creates an elegant and clean aesthetic. Glass tiles are also breakable, so be careful when installing them.

Glass tile comes in numerous stock colors and custom hues. You can use them on walls or low-traffic floor areas.

The Most Popular Bathroom Floor Tiles

Saltillo Tile

Saltillo tile is the traditional flooring choice for Mexican homes and businesses. Its soft color palette and earthy appearance have been popular since the 16th century.

They have natural imperfections that can add rustic charm to your bathroom floor design, but it also absorbs water readily. Because of this, you should seal the surface sufficiently to protect it from stains.

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tiles are similar to ceramic tiles in that they’re easy to clean, durable, and affordable but have a different aesthetic appeal.

While most ceramic tiles have a matte finish and look like bricks, porcelain tiles tend to have a shiny finish resembling marble or granite. This makes them great tiles for bathrooms aiming for an elegant yet easy-to-maintain finish.

Limestone Tile

Limestone tiles are natural stone in brown, beige, and yellow shades, and they’re perfect for countertops and flooring. Because of their porous nature, it’s crucial to reseal these bathroom floor tiles every two years with a non-acidic tile cleaner.

Granite Tile

Granite is a hard, durable stone, the ideal tiles for bathroom countertops and floors in high-traffic areas. Granite tiles for bathroom floors come in a wide variety of colors and textures, so you can choose the look that best suits your space. For the best results, clean your granite tile with a pH-neutral mild detergent.

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