Long Island Bathroom Remodel

Whether you want a complete Long Island Bathroom Remodel or a simple change...Royal Kitchen & Bath will do it all. When you need to escape and be in solitude, nothing’s more perfect than your bathroom. Royal Kitchen & Bath will create a bathroom remodel that will give you the space to relax, breathe easy, gather your thoughts and completely rejuvenate. We don’t overlook a single aspect of your bathroom project, we carefully pick out your faucet, cabinet, bathroom mirror, and tub to perfectly match each other.

At Royal Kitchen & Bath we partner with our homeowners to ensure that the full suite of options is discussed and known given the size and options we identify for your bathroom design.

When designing a bathroom remodel, you should consider the following items:

- Increasing the size of your bathroom or changing the overall layout.
- Implementing lighting that you can increase during the day and dim during the evening.
- Installing a shower door versus using a shower curtain.
- Choosing color neutral finishes that won't become outdated or limit future paint or color options.

The bathroom remodel process at Royal Kitchen & Bath usually starts with a free in-home review of the bathroom(s) that the home owner wants to remodel.

We take pride in every bathroom design project we perform. We can help you put together the components of your dream bathroom and help you reduce the complexity & headaches of remodeling your bathroom.

Our Standard ("5 X "7) Bathroom Remodel features: Bathtub / Toilet / Sink / Vanity / Tiling & Water Fixtures.

The next step is to review the potential options available for the bathroom in terms of changing the physical structure.

Next up is reviewing all the available options either in-home or in our Long Island Bathroom Showroom. if you can't make it to our showroom in-person, you can view it online here. We feature both full-sized kitchens and bathrooms, tile and finish options that we will help you turn into your dream bathroom.

When remodeling your bathroom we ensure everything is done correctly and up to code. We review every aspect of your project the minute installation starts, ensuring from the design to finish so that you can enjoy your new bathroom worry free.

Long Island Bathroom Remodels

Here are just a few kitchen remodels we have performed for our customers:

Bathroom Remodeling Contractor on Long Island

We are Long Island's top rated Bathroom remodeling contractor - that's because we put the customer first. We want our customers to understand every detail of their bathroom remodel, because that's when the design is perfect and the remodel to 100% Customer Satisfaction.